Affiliate Marketing Begins with List Building

The key to marketing online as an affiliate really begins with building your list, build the authority up, and what’s going to happen is over time it’s all going to snowball. 

I ask a question the other day to my Facebook group – “How would generate Five thousand dollars in 30 days?”,

If you had to create $5,000 in 30 days online. Somebody had a bullet to your head and said, “Okay, You’ve got to make $5,000 or the gun goes off. How would you do it, how would you go about doing that?”

The reason this came up was because there was someone that I was talking to that has a job and they’re miserable right now.

They’re miserable in the job scenario. It’s something that they’re wanting to create some quick cash to where they can get out of the job situation and really start focusing on the online presence.  They asked me, “Okay, what would you do if you had to generate $5,000?” And I give you that scenario of the … The gun to the head scenario because that puts it into a real deadline presence. “Okay, I’ve got to do this”. The first thing is you’ve got to set your sights on bigger goals. $5,000, while making five grand online can seem like a big amount, especially if you’ve not made a whole lot of money, it’s not that big of amount. It’s not that big of a deal.

What I want you to do is multiply that number by five. You’ve got to set your sights on bigger things. If you start focusing on five grand, “Okay, all I’ve got to do is make five grand”. In the next month or the next 30 days what are you going to do? You’re only going to do what you think will be $5,000 worth. If you are looking at it where you’ve got to make 25 grand your output is going to be so much more. You’re going to be doing a whole lot more different things. You’re going to be testing a whole lot of new things. You’re going to be calling on different clients, you’re going to be … It’s just going to be different.

You’re going to be focusing on how much more you’ve got to accomplish. That’s the first step. If it’s a thing of you’ve got to make five grand, well then focus on making 20 or 25 grand. Start mapping out some steps of what you’ve got to do to meet those numbers and for creating content.

A lot of people, they don’t do the math. They don’t do the math, they don’t look at what it is, how many people they’ve got to call on, how many people they’ve got to get on their list. They don’t look at all those things and take those things into perspective when it comes to start trying to make money online.